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MOST POPULAR ITEM - Potency Testing Plus

MOST POPULAR ITEM - Potency Testing Plus

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tCheck 2 Potency Testing Plus

The tCheck potency testing plus package is designed to offer you fast and accurate results when measuring the potency of your flower, concentrates, or tinctures. The package comes with all the required components for testing any cannabis product.


Start testing

  • Infused clarified butter (cannabutter)
  • Infused coconut oil & MCT
  • Infused extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
  • Infused alcohol tinctures
  • Non-decarbed Dried flower – buds, trim, shake
  • Winterized Concentrates – shatter, crumble, diamonds, and more


What’s included

tCheck 2 device, Carrying Case, Reusable Tray, Dropper, Scale,  2x 100 mL Reagent, 2x 10 mL Syringe, Stirring Stick, 20x 1 mL Syringes, 20x Filters, 3 Concentrate Spoons, 3 Sample Containers,  AAA batteries.

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